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Drosophila facility

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At present, the CBD comprises six research groups using the Drosophila model, of which four work primarily or solely on the fruit fly. The CBD’s Drosophila facility provides an organized infrastructure for the daily work of these groups.

An essential resource is the mutant stock collection ; among them the CBD research groups maintain more than 2000 fly lines. This collection includes stocks and mutants generated locally through our specific research programs (for example, a Toulouse-generated collection of about 250 P-lacZ or P-Gal4 enhancer trap lines marking essential X-linked genes).

Generating transgenic flies is facilitated by the presence of two operational microinjection stations. In addition, many useful lines that are otherwise available from international stock centres are maintained locally, and are freely exchanged among the groups (for example, numerous Gal4/UAS driver and responder lines).

To maintain and culture these flies, the CBD has invested over recent years in common facilities including a fly food preparation kitchen with a large production capacity. Additionally, a cold-room for media storage is located in close proximity to the fly rooms. Other common facilities include controlled-condition fly culture rooms, at 25° and 18°. Scientific and organizational responsibility for the media preparation facility resides with Dr Michèle Crozatier.

The Drosophila infrastructure has helped to develop a close involvement of CBD researchers in undergraduate teaching, as exemplified by the extensive participation — during laboratory practicals — of students in the genetic screen leading to the Toulouse X-chromosome P insertion collection