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Small peptide regulates protein activity...

par François PAYRE - publié le , mis à jour le

Science, 18 SEPTEMBER 2015 • VOL 349 ISSUE 6254 :1356-1358

Coding and noncoding RNAs can produce peptides from small open reading frames (smORFs), with a variety of mostly unknown functions. Using a genomewide screen, Zanet, Benrabah et al. show that Polished rice (Pri) smORF peptides control fruit fly development by binding to an E3 ubiquitin ligase. This changes the ligase’s selectivity and triggers proteasome-dependent maturation of the developmental transcription factor Shavenbaby. Other smORF peptides may act by a similar mechanism to regulate protein activity.

Read the full text : J. Zanet*, E. Benrabah*, T. Li, A. Pélissier-Monier, H. Chanut-Delalande, B. Ronsin, H. J. Bellen, F. Payre† & S. Plaza†. Pri sORF peptides induce sélective proteasome-mediated protein processing. Science, 18 sep 2015, 349(6254):1356-1358

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